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a Trip to North Yorkshire

Friday found us instead of commuting to work, heading to North Yorkshire, one of our favourite holiday destinations, to have the weekend enjoying some landscape photography.

Lunch time was spent in a lovely pub called ‘The Hare & Hounds’ at Staxton.

Caroline had her customary steak and ale pie while I had the Whitby Scampi.

We arrived late afternoon, in Robin Hoods Bay a rather delightful old seaside fishing village.

We were pleased to note that the snowploughs had been before us. Only a few days earlier the village had been completely cut off for a week.

After a few beers and a meal in the hotel, we retired for the night as I had my large format photography course starting next morning.

Snowy Bike Commute

With winter well and truly arrived, this morning saw us pulling on our winter thermals & fleeces to go under our biking outfits.

I took pity on Caroline, and allowed her to wear my BMW heated waistcoat. The full winter gloves and boots also came out for today.

One we had negotiated the first half mile of ice and snow covered back roads to the village centre, it was an easy ride in on clear roads.

That first stretch was the hard part. Not the weather but other road users. One car driver pulled out on us in a situation they could clearly see was not conductive to using the brakes. I was not travelling very fast, less then 10 mph so was able to roll to a halt without risking the brakes on the ice. Less then a minute later they decided to just stop in the middle of the road with no warning, I gently overtook them. The worse the weather the worse some people drive!

Unlike yesterday today was relatively warm, the temperature reached -0.5C. We felt warm and it was an enjoyable commute into work.

Photo taken and blog posted from my iPhone.

Winter Commute and Photo Inspiration

Yesterday morning was the first cold commute of the year. A steady 0°C (32°F) occasionally hitting -0.5° C.  With the wind chill factured in thats about -11°C (12°F), I will definitely be getting out the thermals soon, but until then a pair of silk under-gloves and the heated grips were enough to keep me warm, together with my BMW Rallye 2 Suite.  This will be my second winter in this suite and while expensive I feel its been well worthwhile

While cold it was a beatiful morning, a clear blue sky, golden sunlight and the farmers fields covered in a white frost.  All very beautiful.

This gave me a few ideas for some photo’s.  Mornings like these are always good for inspiration, even a trip to the local park or just go into your garden, can have images worth capturing, a dew and frost encrusted spidersweb, those bright red berries on a bush.  You don’t need an expensive macro lens for this stuff.  Just dig out that old 50mm prime you never use and give it go.

Photo Trip: Update

Not a full update, but the weather gods smile and a fine dawn greeted us. A quick breakfast and out to the planned location.

Shot from my iPhone.

Sent from my iPhone.

Moving Posts & Going Live

More Blog configuration: Tonight once home I manually moved my posts from my first blog to the new dev blog.  Just cut and paste.  Next time I need to move to a different blog, the full WordPress software allows easy export and inport.

I then backed up dev to my laptop and deleted Live.

If your after a good FTP client for OS X, I use Transmit.  Makes jobs like this very easy.

Then I FTP,ed the contents of dev to Live. Once that was done I logged into WordPress altered the paths to refer to the blog new location.

Everything seemed to work, so now the final part to delete dev.

Wow, its all still works!


Well nearly works; the picture I had in a post was lost, I suppose I need to read up on how to officially move a site!

WordPress ios (iPhone) app

How to manage your WordPress blog remotely.

Well I always have my iPhone with me so that seemed the best way.  I had a search on the iTunes application store and soon found a WordPress ios application.  It was free so I downloaded, installed and gave it a whirl.

Well I spent a while not getting anywhere, like many other users.

What they don’t tell you, or at least I never saw it; you have to enable remote access in your blog first.

It’s easy to do, just log in, select settings, then writing, and at the bottom enable the access. Easy when you know how.

Sent from iPhone during lunch.


Well, that was easier then I thought.  Between the wordpress help pages and the ease that my web hosting company made of creating the database, within a matter of minutes I had a simple highly customisable blog up and running.

Now to start moving posts from the old site to this.

Blog Setup

Well tonight after a cold motorcycle ride home (1.5 C), followed by a hot chocolate, it was time to do some more wordpress configuration. This blog which may or may not stay is fairly basic, just the default options with all the hard work done by my service provider. Tonight I started a fresh install of WordPress to give me a more custom and unique look. I have to admit its all Chris B’s fault, his new blog does look rather professional so it was time for me to have a go.

First a new Sub domain to host the test site (if this works i’ll move it over to the

Then I download loaded WordPress and uploaded to my site, now for the technical bit, mysql. This will be a first for me, never used mysql before. I’ll let you know how I do.

Landscape Photography Course

Tonight I paid for my photography course.

I have always used small format camera’s; eg 35mm film or APC-C sensor equipped SLR’s.
This year I made the move to Medium format to complement my SLR kit, it certainly slows you down and makes you think about your photography.
I decided to book myself on a large format course, now thats slow photography.
Its being held in December so i’ll update you all then.

Visit to the Father in Law: or Have a play with his new Sony A55

Tuesday as usual we visited the father in law, Alan.

Normally its a motorcycle ride straight from work to the village where he lives, but tonight we headed home first to get the car.  It was a cold day and neither of us were packing our thermal undies; it was likely to be late night so rather then face a cold trip home on the Bike, the car sounded a better bet.  It would also give me a chance to grab my laptop, I wanted to have a play with the default blog options my hosting company provides.

The reason for our visit,  just the usual Tuesday night visit, to inflict my cooking on him.  Today, cauliflower and home made cheese sauce.  At least thats what I made for Caroline and Alan, for myself a burger.  I cannot stand cauliflower.

There was another reason for making the visit.  Alan had purchased a new Sony A55, a fun little camera which I can well recommend for a beginner or someone wanting a small body SLR.  Rather a unique camera with its fixed mirror, kind of a hybrid between a EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens Camera) and a normal SLR.

Sony EVIL Hybrid SLR