BBC at its Best – StarGazing Live 2015

Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse

Whilst many would say the BBC excels at historical costume dramas, I think its best at its factual programs.

Two of my favourites are Spring Watch for its great wildlife photography and StarGazing Live which is on this week.

While you may think this kind of photography is beyond most people, you may be surprised.  One thing that is easy and fun is capturing star trails.

Luna eclipses are also quite easy to photograph as can be seen by my effort at the top.  Tomorrow is a solar eclipse, one of the most spectacular events on Earth, I would not recommend trying to photography it or even to directly view it but it is an amazing thing to experience.

Where I am in the UK we will only get about 85% coverage, and i’ll also be stuck in the office but I hope to catch at least some of it.