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iPhone X

My current phone is an iPhone X as my Personal Device and I currently have a Nokia Windows phone for work.  While I prefer iOS, I quite like the difference of the Microsoft phone system, its been a brave and different operating system for Microsoft.  While I cannot see myself leaving iOS, I can well see why companies go for the Microsoft Ecosystem.  Its such ashamed that Microsoft now seem to be ditching it.

I had the first iPhone and while it did less then my previous phone I liked the way it worked and have stayed with Apple ever since.

My current iPhone 6 is working well and I have no reason to upgrade, but having the first iPhone I devices I would also buy the iPhone X.

Its too expensive and I definitely do not need one but I placed my order last Friday for the top model, and look forward to receiving it in a couple of weeks.

Huawei P10 with Leica lens

I used to always buy Nokia phones, and use a Psion and then a Palm Pilot as a PDA.  I have used a few Windows phones, the latest being a Nokia Windows 8 phone, but my choice has always been Apple iPhones.

Leica have now continued there relationship with Huawei and the new P10.  For many people the phone has become their compact camera.

While a Leica fan, at least with their M range, I will not be getting rid of my iPhone just yet.

Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

The long awaited update to Lightroom arrived and its causing a lot of confusion.  Lightroom CC has been renamed Lightroom Classic CC and we now have a new cloud based solutions which currently has a lot less functionality but is called Lightroom CC.


For now I am sticking with Classic but will have a look at the new version soon.

iPad Starts to come of age with iOS11

iOS11 has really made some great improvements to the iPad.  With the dock available when you want it, better multiscreen support its getting close to replacing a laptop for light work.

Adobe recently made some great improvements to Lightroom Mobile.  If your an iPad Pro user and have the Apple pencil you now have pressure support when editing, so that with iOS11 is really moving the mobile photo editing space forward.

iOS 11 Released

Today iOS and WatchOS is released.  The phone version has some nice touches but the iPad version really improves things.  It took me a little while to figure out how to use the new split screen and floating screen functions but its now a much more useful device for power users.

iPhone 2017

Apple have now announced their press conference for the 12th September.

My iPhone 6 is getting on now, and I skipped the 6S and 7.  With this year being the tenth anniversary of the iPhone I am hoping for something special.

Charting my Exercise

As with many people now, I chart my exercise and general fitness with a smart watch.

I have tried to work hard and the other week I managed to complete all my challenges every day for all seven days. Now I have come down with a nasty cough and am not doing so well. Typically for me; try and get a bit fitter and end up with a cold.

Another Lightroom Update

While importing a few new pictures I took at lunchtime I spotted Adobe had another bug fix release for Lightroom. Good to see them keeping up with the updates. They are supposed to be doing some major work for speed which is definitely needed.

The Headphone Socket

The iPhone is the one device that is always with me.  As a consumer of many video blogs and podcasts, I make heavy use of the iPhone’s headphone socket.

This year will see my iPhone reach three year old so I may replace it and pass this onto Caroline.  As the latest iPhone and I am sure this years phone will not have a headphone socket, its time to order a set of the Apple AirPods.  While I could use the Lightning port, as a heavy user the port is better used for topping up my charge so I have plenty of charge through the day.  I often make trips out on the motorcycle and you always want a well charged phone available just in case.

Leica M10 Firmware

Its only been a few weeks since the last firmware update, which I have only got round to installing; and now we have another update.  This just fixes a minor underexpose issue that can sometimes occurs that was introduced in the last previous update.