How many Lenses do you need

I was reading an interesting article the other day that stated Leica M owners average 1.4 lenses each.

Today the fashion for SLR owners is to try and collect the set, ie own most of the common lenses. It’s something I have found myself doing.

For my DSLR’s I own the lenses from 12mm up to 300mm. Though depending on what I am shooting, I might just use one or two lenses.

Certainly while restrictive, one can have a lot of fun, with a camera and a single focal length. I have often gone out with my Nikon DSLR with just a 35mm prime lens.

Compositionally one can learn a lot, and the restriction can make you a better photographer, because you have to work for the image, rather then just stand still and zoom.

If you own a prime lens I suggest you give it try. Once your eye is used to the focal length and framing you may surprise yourself.