Photo of the Month – April

Leopard – April

Nikon D200 SLR
Nikor 70-200mm F/2.8
200mm, 1/200 Sec at f/5.0, ISO320
Processed in Adobe Lightroom V2.7
On a Mac MacBook Pro, OS-X 10.6.3

Bills and Courses

Not quite as bad as the title suggests. The month started of with some birthdays. Caroline’s and Angela’s and Robert’s towards the end.

As you can see Angelia’s birthday was the Big One!

Then the bills, we had to get both bikes serviced and the Honda MOT’ed, as usually she passed with flying colours.

We had a day at Whisby Nature Reserve, mainly doing nature (bird), and macro photography, fun but not many keepers. We also had lunch in the visitors centre, always a good meal.

The middle of the month saw us take some time off for a long weekend.

It was a trip to Ashby de la Zouch for a two day sowing course, Caroline learning new techniques and skills in her sowing craft.

Richard thus had two days in which to photography the the local area. Day one was spent in the local town, mainly photographing the castle. While Day two was a visit to the zoo, to camp out by the Leopard enclosure and waiting for the weather and the Leopard to coincide.

The end of the month saw Richard back in the studio and also planning our next big bike trip. Not long now.

Photo of the Month – March

Nicola – March

Nikon D200 SLR
Nikor 24-70mm F/2.8
70mm, 1/100 Sec at f/7.1, ISO100
Processed in Adobe Lightroom V2.6
On a Mac MacBook Pro, OS-X 10.6.2

Photo of the Month – February

Saxophone – February

Nikon D200 SLR
Nikor 24-70mm F/2.8
70mm, 1/200 Sec at f/2.8, ISO450
Processed in Adobe Lightroom V2.6
On a Mac MacBook Pro, OS-X 10.6.2

Happy Birthday Ethan

Thank you for the lovely party hope you enjoyed
yourself as much as we did.

North Yorkshire Holiday, Hot Tube and Birthdays

Well it was time for our first holiday of the year. The destination was North Yorkshire, one of our favourite locations. With this years winter being much harsher then the last few years it was decided that our first holiday would be in the car.

We had booked a week in a cabin inĀ Griffon Forest, just the two of us.

Its the perfect romantic getaway. Large Jacuzzi bath, hot tub outside, chocolates and a bottle of Cava waiting for your arrival, its something we can definitely recommend.


The first day saw us have a trip to Castle Howard, while the second we spend round York, Caroline found a quilt shop and we also visited a quilt museum.

We made good use of the hot tub and one night we even had snow! That did not stop us using the hot tub. Snow on the ground, gentle snow falling and us sat in the hot tub drinking a bottle of fine Champagne we just happened to have brought with us.

After a most restful and enjoyable holiday we had a joint birthday party to attend. The Sunday morning of the party saw me at at work at 07:30, upgrading some of our customers UNIX’ appliances, that all went well and it was a quick ride home to collect Caroline and then off to the party.

It was a full family get together and much chocolate cake was eaten!

Happy Birthday Sofia and Ethan!

The end of the month saw us making a shopping trip to Nottingham to spoil ourselves a little, as usual we ended up getting very little, were not very good at shopping but we had fun anyway, a nice meal out and a nice but tiring day.

Photo of the Month – January

Debbie – January

Nikon D200 SLR
Nikor 70-200mm F/2.8.
200mm, 1/160 Sec at f/8.0, ISO100
Processed in Adobe Lightroom V2.6
On a Mac MacBook Pro, OS-X 10.6.2

New Year

We had Richard’s Mother and Caroline’s Father round for New Year’s day. A light salad for lunch followed by home made steak pie! Very tasty, rather extravagant as I use a whole bottle of red wine to make the gravy, but very worth while.


The first week back at work and we had to commute via car, even the Brayford Pool was frozen solid.

Work continued to be busy and a few extra hours had to be put in. We also went out to celebrate a colleagues fiftieth birthday. Congratulations JK, hope I look that young at fifty!

Lastly Richard managed to squeeze in a studio photo-shoot.

Official Photography and Mum Brown in Hospital

The month started with the one hundredth birthday party for the Girl Guides. Caroline had helped organise the party, Richard was roped in to act as official photographer.

Then the month took a turn for the worse when mum Brown was admitted into hospital with a heart attack.

She is now making a good recovery, but health wise its proving a stressful year for the Brown Family.

Girl Guides at 100, Photowalk and Studio Photography

More photography this month, the world photo walk took place, and Richard managed third place in the local competition. Caroline was helping to organise the the girl guides 100 party and we also went to the cinema to watch the latest Harry Potter film.