Our North Yorkshire Holiday

A whole week booked off but where to go. A favorite place for us is Whitby. This time we decided to stay in a little village called Hutton-le-Hole, we had stayed there before in a lovely Bed and Breakfast called Burnley House.

Off we set on Sunday morning. Normally I drag Caroline via every B road going, taking all day to get to our destination, but the car is getting a little elderly now. Caroline bought a VW Polo from new, over ten years ago, and its given her reliable service for all those years. This last two years we have broken down three times and we are going to have to face facts that we will have to go car shopping.

We left via Durham bridge, paying our 25 pence toll and headed for the A1. Straight up the A1 then we swung right onto the Thirsk to Scarborough Road. The difficulty was Sutton bank. It was a slow climb up the escarpment in first gear but we made it! Once we had got to the top we stopped at the National Trust Visitors centre for soup and coffee. Excellent soup! The entrance hall contains a rather interesting wood sculpture as can be seen here:

Arriving at Hutton-le-Hole we were welcomed at Burnley House by Caroline the owner. She made us feel welcome with tea, coffee and two slices of victoria sponge. We rested in our room then went to the local village pub for an evening meal.

For our first full day in North Yorkshire we decided to have a short walk through through the village taking pictures of the church and village centre, giving our new digital compact a good try out.

We then headed off to Whitby and took some photographs before visiting our favorite coffee shop, Mulberrys. As we had both had a huge cooked breakfast at Burnley House I thought I would just order a latte with cinnnamon, and some olives and bread. I was somewhat surprised when a huge plate of different breads and an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip arrived, with the coffee and olives. This was far more then I expected for the price.

After this wonderful meal, we wondered around Whitby some more. If you are ever in Whitby on the north side. Head on up to the Whitby Sutcliffe Gallery. He was a photographer at the turn of the century who took some wonderful shots of the people and the local area. I went around Whitby taking lots of shots and as you can see here I have tried to replicate one of his photographs. Yes I am sad, I took an Apple G4 12″ Powerbook to do some digital darkroom work in the evenings!

That evening the local pup was closed so we headed out to the next village Lastingham and their local pub the Blacksmiths Arms, very good food and good ale. We might be heading back that way on the bikes as they also do accommodation, looks good for a weekend break.

Tuesday saw us getting ready for our first walk of the holiday. A short circular walk based at Hutton-le-Hole and with the half way point at Lastingham.

The weather was fine and a gentle but cold wind was whisking the clouds over, causing the light to change moment by moment. One moment clear blue skies and bright sunlight, then overcast and dull. There has been a fair bit of rain during the night so we made sure we were ready for all the weather cold throw at us. Together with walking poles and gaiters we would easily cope with anything we might meet.

We left the car park of the bed and breakfast and headed past the road. We passed the lovely church and then turned right to start the walk proper. Through the fields over a small bridge and then into the trees, we went up and down until we emerged from trees beside the road to Lastingham. We followed this for a short distance then turned off into the moors. Once again, up and down we went, at one point we had a small stream we had to ford, walking poles defiantly help in this type of situation.

Eventually we came to the sign on the moors for Lastinghamwe turned and went down hill into the village. Here we took a break, visited the church and crypt before heading out over the fields to make our way back to Hutton-le-Hole. All in all a wonderful walk.

Well we will not bore you any more, suffice to to say we enjoyed the holiday immensely, visited lots of lovely villages in the area, walked part of the Cleveland Way and had many fine meals in local pubs.

Happy Birthday Mum

Mum Brown’s birthday went well and we went out for an Indian meal in
her local town.  Yummy.

Happy New Year to Everyone

A New Year and its going to be new start to my photography.

The last couple of years has seen me do very little photography.  I used to shoot at lot of landscapes, architecture and studio work,  I had even  shot the odd model portfolio for a Peterborough model agency.

But for some reason the creative side of me lost interest in photography.

Luckily for me we have a few keen photographers here at work, and them together with inspiration from internet sites such as Luminous Landscape sparked my interest again.

I had always ignored digital, not as good, not real, and the cameras were slow and hard to use.

Last year showed me that digital cameras has started to come of age. I had the pleasure of shooting with Canon 1DII , and I also got to try the Nikon D70, both were a pleasure to shoot with.

I have decided that i’ll give digital a try and to that end I have purchased a basic Nikon digital compact, to get me started.

There is a lot to learn but the adventure starts next month.

Last day at work

Merry Christmas

Well today is the last day at work for us for a whole week!

Merry Christmas to Mum Brown and Aunty Ena and Uncle Mick hope you all have a good time down south.

Thanks to Alison, Declan and Ethan for inviting us to theirs for Christmas Day. Don’t worry we will remember the turkey, and of course thanks to Angela, Martin, Martyn and Hannah for allowing us all to decend on them for boxing day.

Heres wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Miss HBS 2005 – Children in Need

To Celebrate Children in Need 2005

Our colleagues at work decided to hold a Miss World competition, unfortunately only the men entered!

Please donate all you can, but please do not go as far as these people!

Photograph by ‘Chris Bennett

College Award Ceremony

Tonight the Lincoln College held its 2005 student awards ceremony, to award those students who it believed had either over come great difficultly or performed way above that which was required.

Caroline, Richard and Alan, Caroline’s father, were all there at The Lawn in Lincoln, to see Caroline pick up her award for outstanding achievement in Part Time Higher Education in Computer studies.

Family Halloween Party

The Halloween Party at Ethan’s House was held on Friday, and fun was had by all. Everyone dressed up except for Alan and Richard, but Richard did win the Apple bobbin due to the fact he was the only one willing to put his whole face in the water!

Caroline had a nice surprise. There was a letter waiting from Lincoln College. She has won a outstanding achievement award in Computing!  Another chance to get get dressed up and go to an awards ceremony.

Wedding Day

Well its happened! We’re finally Mr and Mrs Brown.

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding, walking down the aisle, the perfect dress, feeling like a princess. Ours was as close to perfect as we could hope for.

We’re now off on our Honeymoon.

Until then heres some pictures our Best Man took with his phone, some of which he emailed all round our work friends!!!

Yes! Thanks Alison for all the Confetti!!!”

Can we also say a big thank you to all our family, friends and the Hotel and Photographer for making the day very special.
Especially to the two Angelas for the readings, the two Roberts for being our Witnesses and lastly to Paul for not revealing to much about us in his Best Man’s speech.

Branston Hall

Getting Married in Lincolnshire

Caroline’s Graduation – Number 2

Not satisfied with one graduation; Caroline sponsored by Mouchel under took a second higher education qualification, this time a HNC in Computing.

“The last two years have seen much change in my life, many highs, of which Richard proposing to me, on the Wales biking tour has to be the most memorable, to terrible lows, the death of my Mother. Its been two years of fun, sadness and many late nights. I would here like to publicly thank my family and Richard for all they have had to put up with, and now with much shame here are the pictures… they may not stay up for long …

Thank you; Caroline”.

Congratulations Caroline

From Family and Friends