Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1

I keep looking at small compact cameras.  Currently my compact camera is a Nikon V1, this is a little large but its large 1 inch sensor is huge for a modern compact and is only matched by the new Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 II.  I keep looking for a replacement for the Nikon V1, buts while the ergonomic’s drive me mad its difficult to find a single camera to replace it.

I am drawn to the Ricoh GR with its large DX sensor.  This has no ordinary compact, its highly customisable and has a huge DX (APS-C) sensor but no view finder and a fixed lens.


Most little compacts like the Canon S120 have only the smaller 1/1.7″ or smaller sensors and no viewfinders but do have decent zooms giving flexibility.

Its with these thoughts I have been looking at the Panasonic LF1.  The big thing is the viewfinder.  The Fuji X10 and X20 are similar but have poor quality optical viewfinders and as you zoom it obscures your view.  While a Leica M has similar issues I am more then willing to put up with the faster lens at a full frame f/1.4 blocking some of the view then I am with the poor view in the Fuji X10.

Its with these thoughts in mind that I have been looking at the Panasonic LF1 and the Leica Leica C.  The big thing about it is its EVF.  While poor quality at least it has one, which is rare in this class of camera.  I have played this camera now on several times and the other week I had another play and also took a few photographs on my own memory card to play with.

The shop was mixed light and I had a slow shutter speed with an ISO of 400. You can see the result above.  ISO400 is quite high for such a small sensor and its handled it quite well.

Today we are very lucky in that there are very few bad cameras.  Now its how a camera makes you feel, how it fits with the way you work that is more important.