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Tag Archives: OS X

Strange Overnight Computer Happenings

At the end of each month I run an extra set of backups, all my previous years work is exported from Adobe Lightroom as a standalone catalogue with all my images.

When Adobe update Lightroom, once I am happy I also refresh my old backs up on this device.

As its now January and I am finally happy with Adobe Lightroom V2015.3 I have been refreshing my backups.

The problem is its not been going well.  When you shoot several thousand large high-res RAW files a year, that export is going to take a while.  I normally kick off two and leave it overnight.

This month though, when I get back to the computer in the morning its either rebooted/logged me out, or the Drobo device service and/or Lightroom has hung and the Drobo while mounted is inaccessible.

I checked for hardware issues ran some computer and disk checks, re-cabled the Drobo into the thunderbolt hub.  No luck.  When the weekend hit I disconnected all external devices and tried to figure out what was going on.  It was then I realised what was happening.  With nothing running and none of my big external drives connected the computer would cleanly log me out after a period of inactivity.

logout automatically

I have no idea how, but some update or I did it without thinking last month; but Logout after 60 minutes of inactivity was enabled.  It seems Lightroom and the Drobo running large catalogue exports counts as inactivity and they cannot cope with a logout request.

This is now turned off and normal service is back.

Lightroom – Importing Presets

Installing Lightroom presets can be a little tricky but as Mat from Lightroom Killer Tips has recently found out, there is a far easy way;  Just Drag and drop the preset file on to your Lightroom icon. Thanks Matt.  Another great reason for having a Apple Mac, it just makes things so easy for you.

If you’re a Windows user then double click the preset file. It will most likely say it does not understand the file type. Associate the file type with Lightroom and then double click will install it.

Have not tried it in Windows, as I do not have a Windows machine handy to test it on, only Apple Mac’s, Linux, and Solaris at present. Must rebuild that Windows 7 test machine of mine.

Moving Posts & Going Live

More Blog configuration: Tonight once home I manually moved my posts from my first blog to the new dev blog.  Just cut and paste.  Next time I need to move to a different blog, the full WordPress software allows easy export and inport.

I then backed up dev to my laptop and deleted Live.

If your after a good FTP client for OS X, I use Transmit.  Makes jobs like this very easy.

Then I FTP,ed the contents of dev to Live. Once that was done I logged into WordPress altered the paths to refer to the blog new location.

Everything seemed to work, so now the final part to delete dev.

Wow, its all still works!


Well nearly works; the picture I had in a post was lost, I suppose I need to read up on how to officially move a site!